Freedom Based Lifestyle

Taking you from being stuck – to unstoppable!

As the ultimate optimist and cheerleader, Fran Asaro is an international life and business coach supporting clients through their journey with motivational techniques and encouragement.
Her positive coaching style reinforces listening to your heart while dancing to the rhythm of your own beat  – truly, a life by your own design.

Fran Asaro is a personal and business coach – helping people move beyond their stuckness and into a life they love. She’s a firm believer that we don’t have to have a cookie cutter life, but one that is created from within and designed on our terms. She stands for self realization and empowerment. With all of her resources she is a stand for those who want to soar in life and in business.

NEW! NEW! NEW! (see my new programs below)

THEN COMES ME – A Dedicated Listener Program

  • When you want someone who isn’t a coach or a therapist
  • When you don’t want to disturb your friends
  • When you are too busy to meet with a friend and need a confidante
  • When you want a safe and confidential place to talk about the good, the bad and everything else
  • Click here for more information

THRIVE ANY WEIGHT – Where a woman thrives in spite of her size

  • If you haven’t been able to lose weight and it’s holding you back from having joy in your life
  • If you want to learn to have a full life and not wait for the weight to come off
  • If you have been going too long thinking your life will begin ‘when you lose weight’
  • Click here for more information on THRIVE ANY WEIGHT


Discover a healthy life balance

  • Learn to touch and accept that inner knowing of who and what you want to do and be and do it.
  • Take a stand for the life you just CAN NOT live without.
  • Live a life that supports your highest version of yourself
  • Grab hold of the vision you have for yourself and learn how to manifest it
  • Learn how to communicate and set boundaries to lighten up your life.
  •  Discover or re-discover joy in your life
  • Begin to tap into your most creative self and express it fully
  • Learn to listen to your own guidance
  • Living a life of action vs reaction

Tap into your individuality

  • Get in touch with your uniqueness – and how to share it
  • To honor what inspires you – your vision
  • Thrive in the way that works for your life – your uniqueness
  • Find the courage to live your life with purpose – and on purpose
  • Begin to leave your mark on the world as you have yearned for.

Embrace and thrive through transitions

  • Make the most out of life’s changes whether it be career, health, relationship, or spiritual
  • Learn to translate your situation into a gift
  • Open your eyes, ears and heart to greater possibilities for your life
  • Learn to make the most of your experiences

Realize your own strengths and personal power

  • Improve  self-esteem and confidence
  • Communicate with meaning and purpose
  • Find your voice
  • Take a positive stand for who you are and where you want to be

Go from Stuck to Unstoppable!

Fran’s Life By Design signature program is designed to help you tap into your vision, overcome obstacles and experience personal fulfillment. Through her unique P.P.R. process, Fran helps reveal your authentic path and pace of life. Her popular workshop “From Stuck to Unstoppable”teaches you the 7 Gentle Steps to Thrive Any Way.

Overcoming Obstacles

Let’s face it, we are all faced with challenges of one type or another – some being more difficult to manage than others. Often, we lack the necessary support, resources and vision to best handle them. Friends and family mean well – and try their best – but sometimes it’s just not enough. They either don’t share your vision or don’t know how to support you in the way you feel motivated to move forward.  Working with Fran will help you to deal with those challenges – through positive steps and encouragement that supports your journey forward.

Who can benefit from Fran’s Life by Design System

  • In Transition — facing a challenge – need balance in life, money, career, family or relationship
  • Stuck –  and disconnected from the life you’ve envisioned for yourself
  • Unfulfilled –   tired of the things that used to excite you or bring happiness
  • Stressed – with heaviness of life — with less and less time to “relax” and have fun
  • Career standstill – stuck in a job or situation.
  • Motivation – feeling uninspired or motivated
  • Self Esteem – not feeling as good as you should about yourself
  • Small business –  start-up or existing businesses  with limited financial resources
  • And so many more…