Complimentary Coaching



  Why a Complimentary Coaching Session?

  • To discover the powerful benefits of personalized, private coaching
  • To see if entrepreneurship is the right direction for you
  • To confirm that your coach can help you reach your vision
  • To learn more about a Freedom-Based Business and if it’s the right fit for you

What’s in a Complimentary Coaching Session?

  • 30-50 minutes by phone (or Skype by request)
  • Real issues with Real Solutions (bring all your questions)
  • An opportunity to enroll at a discounted price

 Who is this session for?

  • Anyone looking to leave Corporate America and have a Freedom Based Life
  • Someone who is already an entrepreneur but finding it too challenging
  • Someone who has a passion to do something ‘MORE’ but doesn’t know where to begin
  • A person who is just curious, seeking and has a lot of questions
  • Those who are looking for PERSONALIZED coaching, specific to who they are, not cookie cutter webinars and classes that meet the masses

Why do I give away sessions?

Even though I have been a Life and Business Coach for over 10 years, there are people who still don’t know who I am or how I help others get to where they want to go. I LOVE what I do and by having a session with you, you may choose to enroll with me or share what I do with someone who is seeking a better lifestyle. That’s all. It’s my way of talking about this incredible new way of doing business and helping those who want to jump on.

I work with very successful people who know nothing about the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. It’s not just about startup tips, systems and structures (which I do) It’s about what goes on inside where I really come in. I know only too well about fears, blocks, imbalance and resistance. I am a master at resolving them.

What now?

  • Click the ‘Book Your Session Now’ button to schedule your complimentary session
  • Choose your Time Zone
  • Choose your desired time for the call
  • You will be contacted via email to confirm your registration
  • If you simply can’t wait for the next available session then please contact me

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