Be the sponge and I’ll bring everything you need to fill it! This program is chock full of data necessary for any entrepreneur. But don’t worry, it is designed to go at your pace of learning. Since this is a personalized program, the curriculum varies with each entrepreneur. Some have more experience therefore they don’t need to start at square one. Some have a business in mind and they don’t need to find their desired path. With that said, the following list consists of most but not all of the benefits you will receive from the Online Coaching Program.


  • Discovering the Yes and No’s of what you want in your business
  • Learning the available options to on-line business
  • Choosing the business that suits your vision
  • Creating a name
  • Creating a tag line
  • Much more


  • Creating a system for business
  • Creating a marketing system
  • Create a customer relations management


  • Business Cards
  • Marketing materials
  • How to talk about your business to others
  • Social Media
  • Paid advertising
  • Much more


  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Developing
  • Licensing
  • Policies
  • Outsourcing
  • Gain clarity on your vision, values and mission

Growth management

  • How to grow your business
  • How to keep up with growth
  • How to plan for


  • Facing Fears
  • Overcoming personal obstacles
  • Solving Financial challenges
  • Managing outside influences
  • Balancing life and business
  • Worthiness
  • Self Esteem


  • Learn secrets of marketing on a budget
  • Discover websites that help your business grow
  • Learn the tools to keep your business up to date
  • Find out how to accomplish things you don’t know how to do
  • Tap into shortcuts that only seasoned on-line entrepreneurs know

Exit Strategy

  •  Plan for your future
  • Learn how to create an exit strategy