What is a Freedom-Based Business?






Not all businesses are created equal

  • Some entrepreneurs work way too hard for very little money
  • They become disillusioned about entrepreneurship
  • They wind up resenting their business for stealing their lives
  • There is a better way

What is a Freedom-Based Business?

  • Some call it a Freedom-preneur
  • Some call it a Laptop-reneur or Laptop-Only Business
  • Some call it an on-line business
  • Some call it CRAZY
  • Some don’t know what the heck to call it but they really, really want it!!

A Freedom-Based Business is one that allows you flexibility.

  • Stimulating your innovation and creativity
  • Being free of Corporate America or any confined business structure
  • No brick and mortar location
  • Freedom to make your own hours
  • Refraining from trading time for money
  • No inventory
  • Work from anywhere in the world with just your laptop
  • Flexibility to outsource some or most of your business
  • Making the amount of money that suits your desired lifestyle

What is Freedom-Based Business Coaching?

Freedom-Based Business Coaching is a weekly conversation by phone or Skype with your coach to help you start and run your desired business.  This curriculum is a guideline as to what we will be working on.  As a lifelong entrepreneur I am committed to help others achieve the freedom of a laptop-only business. I have owned very successful businesses yet I  find the flexibility I have now exceeds them all. If you are someone who knows the value of a personalized, private program – one where every moment is dedicated to you and where you want to go – then this may be the right fit for you. Take advantage of my complimentary session to make sure. For more answers to your questions see FAQs below.

If you LOVE working on your computer then consider creating a Freedom-Based Business

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a Curriculum?

Yes, there is a curriculum. As a lifelong entrepreneur, I have a vault of experience, resources and gifts. Since your needs and desires will differ from someone else, the curriculum will be formatted differently for everyone as well.  As we work together I will learn your pace for learning vs application. I happily plan to share any of my knowledge and experiences with you as they come up.

Here is a general idea of the curriculum we will or can cover during your program.

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What type of people become laptop-only entrepreneurs?

This list is certainly incomplete but will give you a feel for the type of people who want to become a laptop-only entrepreneur.

  • The person who is coming from Corporate America and wants to have a better lifestyle
  • The stay at home mom who wants to be with her children and make money
  • The introvert who is more productive while working alone
  • The adventurer who wants to support their amazing lifestyle by making money on the road
  • The home-bound person who can’t or doesn’t want to leave to work outside their home
  • The Late in life person who still needs to bring in income but wants to do business with dignity while their friends are retiring
  • The person who has not yet honored a dream to be an entrepreneur
  • The creative person who wants to design something their way
  • The person who loves to be on the computer and wished they could find a way to monetize it
  • Couples who want to work together while having freedom to make their own schedule and life.
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How are you different from Get Rich Quick Opportunities?

Oh, that’s a great question. First of all I believe in making LOADS of money. But not at a cost of personal fulfillment or peace of mind. I myself left a successful career in Real Estate as someone who was in the top 6% of my company in the world because it was not just about the money. (Look for more information on that story)

I want you to make loads of money. Will you do so as a laptop-only entrepreneur? I will do my best to make sure that you do.  Unlike some promoters of on-line businesses, I am here to work with your rhythm, desired lifestyle, strengths and weaknesses to custom design a business appropriate for you. Even if you choose to launch a similar business to what others are promoting, we will tweak it to work with your pace and work ethics.

I don’t push, I support. I don’t force, I encourage. I am a gentle coach and I love helping others find their own joyful path. My path is MINE… I worked hard to create it. I had LOADS of resistance and obstacles. I want to help shorten that path for you.

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Is it really possible to make a living with a laptop-only business?

YES, and please read on. First of all, I’d like to say that I am not implying this is a business that is free from diligence, business sense, perseverance, and efficient time management. Your business will produce the results directly related to the energy you put into it. With that said, I will help you become efficient with every hour you put in so that it begins to run like a machine. Take a look at all the on line businesses you see. There are people making a full range from $300 per month to $300,000 per month. We will take a look at your desired income and build a business based on that goal and tweak it if things change.

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What tools and knowledge do I need to become a laptop-only business?

For this particular training, you will need the following: Familiarity with Internet and research Intermediate Computer knowledge A computer, preferably a laptop for mobility Internet connection

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What type of business do you set me up with?

I don’t set you up with any particular business. The main benefit of Freedom-Based Business coaching is to discover the business that suits your needs and abilities. Once we do that then I help you launch THAT business. I have many ideas for laptop-only businesses based on my years of coaching entrepreneurs and will gladly share, but I am not here to choose for you.

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Do you offer this in a webinar or teleclass?

While webinars and teleclasses save you loads of money, you often get treated as one of the masses. I’ve done my share of webinars and mass coaching. I find that after the class, most people don’t take action because they don’t have a partner in their success. I’m committed to giving you personalized service and listening for keys and clues as to what motivates you, demotivates you and build something truly substantial and most of all – ALL YOURS.

With that said, after you launch your business, you may be invited to my mastermind group to stay connected to others who have just gone through what you did.

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Is this coaching program for women only?

Yes and No. I coach mostly women entrepreneurs and designed this program for women who want to balance family, relationship, social life and personal time. I observed may women trying way to hard to make it all work only to give up entrepreneurship because it was too difficult. I do my best to help you become free of major scheduling that takes you away from a well rounded and peaceful life. On the other hand, I work with MANY men who want this same lifestyle for themselves and I am happy to continue with that.

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Am I a candidate for your Freedom-Based Coaching?

If you are looking for a more relaxed lifestyle while making money then yes, this is a perfect place to launch your very own business. With that said, not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur or even a laptop-only business. That’s why I offer a complimentary session so that based on our discussion, you can decide for yourself if this is a good fit. I want to work with those who find true value in personalized, private,  heartfelt sessions.

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Why do you do this specific type of coaching?

I am fully aware that most people want to make the most money doing the lease amount of work. I have a keen eye for setting up systems that help in that area.

For years as an entrepreneur and then an entrepreneur coach I have seen and experienced the exhaustion and disillusionment that happens when people work way too hard for little reward. I myself have pulled back from my old chaotic yet ‘honorable’ schedule to do my work with dignity at my own pace. After taking a sabbatical for a few years I was able to see that I want to help others create a pleasurable business, not just one that makes money, but one that provides a lovely lifestyle.

I work with many people who walked away from Corporate America and don’t know a thing about entrepreneurship. I love helping them break free of someone else’s guidelines and methods to create their own path.

I have many more reasons why I do this work…. Just ask.

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How much do I have to invest to get started?

‘Invest’ is the proper term. Consider this an investment in yourself. One that saves you years of research and experience that I have already done for you. Take advantage of my complimentary coaching session opportunity. See if we feel right together. I have also posted my pricing on this site and have not changed my prices for a long time so that I am affordable to the new entrepreneur.

I have coaching clients who stay with me for years. Once they launch their business, they choose to keep me as a very inexpensive partner and we meet regularly by phone or Skype to keep them growing. So this investment is up to you and how much support you want. I am available for long or short term. Just remember that it IS an investment in your success.

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