What is an Online Business?






Not all businesses are created equal

  • Some entrepreneurs work way too hard for very little money
  • They become disillusioned about entrepreneurship
  • They wind up resenting their business for stealing their lives
  • There is a better way

What is an Online Business?

  • It’s a Business that generates income solely online
  • Some call themselves a Freedom-preneur
  • Some call it a Laptop-reneur or Laptop-Only Business
  • Some call it an on-line business
  • Some call it CRAZY
  • Some don’t know what the heck to call it but they really, really want it!!

An Online Business is one that allows you flexibility.

  • Stimulating your innovation and creativity
  • Being free of Corporate America or any confined business structure
  • No brick and mortar location
  • Freedom to make your own hours
  • Refraining from trading time for money
  • No inventory
  • Work from anywhere in the world with just your laptop
  • Flexibility to outsource some or most of your business
  • Making the amount of money that suits your desired lifestyle

What is Online Business Coaching?

Online Business Coaching is a weekly conversation by phone or Skype with your coach to help you start and run your desired business.  This curriculum is a guideline as to what we will be working on.  As a lifelong entrepreneur, I am committed to help others achieve the freedom of a laptop-only business. I have owned very successful businesses yet I  find the flexibility I have now exceeds them all. If you are someone who knows the value of a personalized, private program – one where every moment is dedicated to you and where you want to go – then this may be the right fit for you. Take advantage of my complimentary session to make sure. For more answers to your questions see FAQs below.

If you LOVE working on your computer then consider creating an Online Business







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